Join the Discord server

7. December 2020 | Team Aries | Guides

Quick guide to join the Non-official Discord Server for Virtual Manager.

  1. Join via the invite link:
  2. When you have joined the server, you need to authenticate your account and link it to your Virtual Manager club.
  3. Go to the #auth-✅ channel in Discord server
  4. Send a message containing your club id. Example:
    !klub 55503
  5. You will now receive a message from our Discord Auth club, with a unique verification code.
  6. Go back to the discord server and the #auth-✅ channel
  7. Send a message containing your club id and the unique verification code you just received from the bot. Example:
    !auth 55503 abcdfg
  8. Your Discord account should now be linked with your Virtual Manager club and you have now succesfully joined the Discord server.